Not Reality - March 1993

Not Reality

This parody of Hartland High School's 1993 school play, Oklahoma, is one of the most cleverly-written scripts of the Not Reality franchise. It's full of delightful puns (such as B.Y.O.B. Bring Your Own Box and Surrey with a Fridge on Top) and goofy exclamations (like Sew my elbow to a rampaging bull and Strip me down and pelt me with cacti!)

As I recall, someone objected to the last panel of this cartoon, saying that it was disrespectful in its depiction of the play's director, Mr. Merrill. For the record, we meant no disrespect; and if I'm not mistaken, Mr. Merrill thought this cartoon was hilarious.

The school's production of Oklahoma that year was in fact very well-done. I actually forgot that I was watching amateurs, so good was the acting and singing. Thus, the catastrophic farse shown in this comic is most certainly deserving of the title Not Reality.

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