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DUCK PUNT is a simple two-player game for children. The goal is to kick a rubber duck from one end of a football field to the other. The player who earns the most points wins.

Game Play
DUCK PUNT is very easy to play, as shown:

To start your player running, simply press any key or click your mouse button anywhere in the window.
Do it a second time to kick.  
In this game, every play is a fowl ball!
Kick too early or too late and you'll trip!
Earn 6 points per touch-down!  
Watch out for interceptions! (Or should I say ab-duck-tions?)

Math Mode
The game also supports an optional "Math Mode" for use in educational settings. In Math Mode, the game advances as players solve simple arithmetic problems.

DUCK PUNT traces its roots to a little game I wrote back in the 1980's for the Commodore 64 computer. At the encouragement of friends, I eventually decided to upgrade the game for modern platforms. I'm pleased to report that the remake retains all the silliness of the original; plus cartoon graphics, a collegiate soundtrack, and a streamlined user interface.
Those of you who are gluttons for punishment may wish to download the original version. You will need to install a Commodore emulator to play it, however.

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