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THIRSTY NELLAN traces its roots to a public domain text-adventure game called Nellan is Thirsty, by Dr. Furman H. Smith. It first appeared in the July/August 1980 issue of Recreational Computing magazine as sample code for aspiring programmers. Although originally written for the TRS-80 computer, the game was ported shortly thereafter to the Commodore 64, where it was widely distributed.

I discovered the game in the late 1980's, and I thought it was pretty neat. In the early 2000's, I felt a sting of sadness as I realized that future generations would likely never see this game — first, because the C-64 is a dead platform, and secondly because modern gamers rarely have the patience for text adventures anyway.

So gradually the idea came to me to completely re-write the game as a graphical adventure for modern computers, with color and sound and a point-n-click interface. And that's what I did. I wrote the bulk of the program in my spare time over a period of two years (2001–2002) as a graduate student at Brigham Young University. The basic storyline is largely the same as the original 8-bit text adventure, but everything else is new. (If you download the Windows/Linux version of the game, it includes a copy of the original C-64 version of the game in the "Bonus Material" folder. You'll also need to download a Commodore emulator to play it.)

In 2012, I wrote a fresh port of the game for Android phones/tablets. Although the look and feel of the game is the same as the PC version, the underlying architecture is significantly different (and hopefully improved).

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