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Tubular splash screen

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Game Description

This game was created to demonstrate the kinds of projects students can build in CS 203 at Brigham Young University Hawaii.

You are a treasure hunter in a vast network of ancient ruins. Instead of ladders, however, you use one-way pneumatic tubes to move up and down through the maze. Find all the treasures in each level, and victory is yours!


As a boy, I would often read magazines for computer hobbyists: RUN, Compute! (and Compute!'s Gazette), and Ahoy!. I especially liked Ahoy! due to the high quality of its type-in programs. One of the reasons why Ahoy!'s games were so good was because of Bob Blackmer, an excellent programmer who apparently had too much time on his hands, as he would publish multiple games in Ahoy! each year. One of these games, Tubular!, was published in the December 1988 issue of Ahoy. Of course, I eagerly typed it into my family's Commodore 64. Feel free to download a copy of the original Tubular! game for yourself (includes a Commodore 64 emulator for Windows).

Although I found the game both exciting and addictive, it was also unfairly difficult. Each level timed out after 90 seconds and there was no save-game mechanism. Dying meant starting over on level 1. (Plus, I honestly believe Level 4 is impossible... at least, I've never been able to finish it!) So I decided to spruce up the game for today's devices.


The remake has the following improvements over the original:

screenshot of original Tubular game for C-64 screenshot of Tubular for Android
Screenshot of original Tubular! game for the Commodore 64 Screenshot of Tubular! remake for Android

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Reporting bugs or requesting features

Please send all feedback to Geoff Draper, gmd2 (at) byuh (dot) edu.

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