Mais Oui!

This cartoon was published in the November 1996 issue of Les Moissonneurs, the monthly newsletter for the France Bordeaux Mission. I was stationed in the mission office in Bordeaux at the time as secretary to our mission president, Charles Cuénot. The mission president depicted in this drawing is a fairly accurate likeness of President Cuénot (for a cartoon, anyway).

From an artistic standpoint, I think this is one of my better drawings. The missionary's suits each have distinctive shading that helps to differentiate them from the background. The background, too, has some measure of depth -- but the fact that it consists of abstract lines prevents it from becoming too distracting to the reader.

Here's some explanatory information for my readers who may not be familiar with LDS mission culture:
There is a general rule among missionaries that states that they should wear their suit-jackets at meetings unless given permission from the presiding authority at that meeting. That is why the missionaries are seeking the mission president's permission to take off their coats. There is another (completely unrelated) rule that missionaries should speak the language of the country they're serving in, even when all parties of the conversation speak English. So when the missionaries here violate this rule by speaking to their mission president in English, he gently reminds them of the rule by responding in French (Mais oui is French for "But of course!") The crux of the punchline, therefore, is the missionaries' complete failure to grasp their president's response in French. (Hmm... somehow it's not quite as funny anymore, after having explained it!)

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