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Being a collection of selected cartoons I've drawn through the years.

Happy 41st birthday!
You must learn Ctrl
After Episode 7
Tapping Towards Dystopia

Beloved Son

Using a Nanocomputer

The Very Virtual Machine
Frontier Programmer
PDA For Your Birthday
The Birth of the Turing Machine
A Fork in the Path
Monkeys on Typewriters
Barbers Never Really Existed!
May All Your Grammars Be Context-Free!

Scheme: Curried Functions
Scheme: Car and Cdr
Scheme: (marry? you me)
A Retailer's Rorschach Test

Always Check the Address!
A Practical Use For Dynamic Programming
A Twisted Valentine's Day
Math: The Universal Language
Physics 122 T-Shirt Design
Will You Go to the Dance With Me?
RM's and Freshmen

A Tribute to Elder Moore
Flowers for Jenny
Sequel Quest XII

Mais Oui!
A New Letter From His Girl
Missionary Memorabilia: Visual Aids for Teaching

Thai-Chi Express restaurant menu

People Not To Trust
"Where I Have To Go..."
Gentlemen Prefer Blinds
A "Bohring" Lesson
Share the Calculus Book!
A Chain Smoker
Oops... Choir Practice!
Dog Food All Tastes The Same
So Much For Man's Best Friend
A Second Opinion
Roast Duck
A Bad Day for the Salvation Army Bell Ringer
Edward Chickenhands
That's Disgusting!
Time to Feed the Fish!
Tongue on Flagpole
Name This Animal
Ordering in French
Life Insurance at a Funeral Home
Grey Poupon
Bad Hair Day
It Followed Me Home
Kidneys From the Heavens
There's a Logarithm Under My Bed!
I Love Myself Enough...
Mainframe, Yes. Cord, No.
Midget Walks into a Bar
It Moved!
My Ears, Your Nose
I Could Never Love a Parallelogram
Audience Participation
A Bad Pick-up Line
May I Take Your Hand?
Be Careful With That Pimple!
You Got A Problem?
Early Pump Shoes
A Quantum Mechanic
Oh, That's My Reflection!
You Bring the Root Beer
It's More Scared Than We Are
Mind If I Smoke?
Just the Pig I'm Sitting On
It's My Spittoon!
Get A Load of THIS Theorem!
Trading Programs
Broken Turn Signal
I said "Twigs!"
A-ha! A Vector!
Where's Waldo (for Morons)
Trigonometry, My Dear Watson
That's No Sea Turtle!
Work For Your Grades
Know Yiddish?
A Goodnight Kiss
Kidney at the Door
Not the Big Bad Wolf
Obscene Math Calls
A Simple No Would Suffice
You Busy Saturday Night?
Things That Go 'Moo' in the Night
Igor, Get Your Mind Out of the Gutter!
Failed Olympic Events
I Love It When You Talk Trigonometric
Dentistry Frat Parties
Do You Have a Ring?
Which Is Just a Big Kidney Bean?
Not Reality - October 1992
Not Reality - December 1992
Not Reality - February 1993
Not Reality - March 1993
Not Reality - April 1993
Not Reality - May 1993

Tales of a Butter Churner

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