Not Reality - April 1993

Not Reality

This is probably my favorite episode of Not Reality. The theme reflected the fact that it was prom season, so love was on our minds (as well as the minds of most students at Hartland High School). In contrast to the raw silliness of most NR comics, this one has a tiny message tucked away inside it: self-confidence must come from within, not from without. Or something like that.

I was quite irresponsible in my depiction of myself in this comic. Although I was not dating anyone at the time, that did not stop me from drawing a pretty girl next to me in nearly every frame, who just couldn't keep her hands off me. This is clearly "not reality," as I did not even go to prom that year (see my Dessins comic from that month for more information).

As I recall, Jon did go to prom in 1993, but I don't remember who with. It wasn't a girl I knew at all, nor do I think he knew her all that well either. Besides, both Jon and I are now happily married to our respective spouses, so high school romances (or the lack thereof) hardly seem consequential anymore.

Incidentally, this was the month that Jon found out he'd been accepted to Central Michigan University, which is why he had me draw the letters CMU on his shirt.

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