Valentines Day

I entered this drawing into the "1998 Valentine's Day Artwork Contest" for Deseret Towers, which at the time was a dormitory for single students at BYU. It won 2nd Place, which is more than I think it deserved, given its decidedly un-romantic nature.

This drawing is symbolic in nature. When you expose your heart to someone, you are in an inherantly vulnerable state. But when you are blatantly rebuffed, the effect can be devastating indeed. When I was single, if a girl did not requite my affections, I would tell my friends that she "bit the rose." Those familiar with my artwork got the reference; those unfamiliar with it probably dreamt up sufficiently colorful interpretations on their own.

Incidentally, I met Maria (my wife) about a year after completing this cartoon. Fortunately, our courtship was largely free of such games. We fell for each other simultaneously, with a minimum of politics. So it can happen!

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