Rorschach Test

I drew this gentle mockery of the retail industry at the request of a co-worker, just one week before leaving my job at Wal-Mart headquarters to return to school for a PhD. My former co-worker still has the original (as well he should; I gave it to him, after all), but hopefully he will not mind my making this copy available online for others to enjoy.

Giving credit where credit is due, it should be noted that I borrowed several concepts for this comic strip from an episode of the 1980's police sitcom Sledge Hammer. Except in the TV show, the guy undergoing the Rorschach test was a trigger-happy cop, not a merchant; and all his responses had to do with senseless violence rather than flagrant capitalism. Surprising how adaptable the basic idea is, though -- I suppose one could make silly Rorschach jokes regarding just about any profession.

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