This story traces its roots to a picture book I grew up with, entitled If I Obey, I'll Be Happy All Day by Peggy Barton. My siblings and I read that book several times; it was one of our favorites.

So when I was a missionary in Le Mans, France, and I was asked to give a talk at Church, I thought it would be fun to share this story as part of my talk. But the logistics were tricky. The story was in English, my audience was French. The book was at my parents' home in Michigan; I was in Europe. So I re-wrote and re-illustrated the book from memory -- the result being a story that resembles in many ways the original, but which is not a perfect translation since I did not have the English text in front of me at the time.

Before returning home to Michigan at the end of my two-year service in France, I gave the original color version of this story to a fellow missionary, and retained only black-and-white photocopies for myself. (Which is why the version you're looking at is not in color.) If anyone knows the current whereabouts of my original drawings and wants to scan them for me, I'll glady post the color version.

The title page shows my name as “Elder Draper” because elder is a ministerial title used by male missionaries.

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