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This is a collection of children's stories that I've illustrated through the years. The target audience ranges from preschool to young adult, depending on the story. For the most part, I drew them for Sunday School lessons I (or my wife) was assigned to teach. Hence, although I am responsible for the drawings, the stories themselves are primarily adaptations from religious texts (where possible, I've included links to the source documents). Exceptions to this rule are the "Other Stories" at the bottom of the list. These were written for no higher moral purpose than sheer amusement. Enjoy!

Old Testament

The Story of Adam and Eve

Joseph Forgives His Brothers

Manna in the Wilderness

Water from a Rock

The Brass Serpent

Samson and Delilah

The Story of Esther

David and Goliath

Daniel and the King's Food

The Story of Jonah

The Story of Jonah
(Extended version)

The Faith of Job

Noah's Ark
New Testament

A Visit from the Wise Men

The Prodigal Son
Book of Mormon

Néphi et les plaques d'airain
(French with English subtitles)

Nephi Teaches Forgiveness

Nephi Builds a Boat

Mutiny on the Boat

Ammon and Lamoni

The Conversion of Zeezrom

2,000 Young Warriors

The Jaredites Cross the Ocean
Church History

Seagulls Save the Day

The St. George Tithing Miracle

What Have You Done With My Name?

Wilford Woodruff's Wake Up Call

Heber J. Grant: Baseball Champ

Heber J. Grant as a Stake President

The Tumbledown Shed

The Gift of Warmth

David Whitmer Comes to Help

Oliver Cowdery Helps Translate

The Brave Italian Girl

The First Missionary

The Silver Dollar Shoe Mystery

Domingo Tool & Die

Angela Learns to be Honest

Si tu obéis, tu auras de la joie dans ta vie
(French with English subtitles)

The Rabbi and the Soap-Maker

The Orphan Boy and the Sacrament Bread

Erroll Bennett, Tahitian Soccer Star

Karolina's Prayer

Ryan Learns to be a Missionary

Tithing For Tuition

The Wayward Surfer

The Bicycle Auction

The Laundry Boy

The Strange Case of Bossy the Cow

The Edsel Lesson
Other Stories

The Mailman

The Cheese Wall

Super Mario Bros and Friends

Super Mario Bros Last Crusade

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