A Kidney at the Door

Dessins, October 1992

This was the first in the series of Dessins cartoons I drew for the Hartland High School newspaper, the Eagle, between the autumn of 1992 and the spring of 1994. (Dessins is French for "drawings.") I drew this one using a regular ball-point pen, a mistake which I never repeated. The printer's camera wasn't sensitive enough to pick up my ball-point lines, and so the resultant comic was kind of scratchy. For every serious drawing I've done since this one, I've used nice dark liquid ink pens. They simply photocopy and photograph better.

For the purposes of this on-line gallery, I've taken the liberty of editing the original drawings just a little bit. For instance, the titles and captions of these cartoons have been redone with an electronic photo editor... the original versions published in the HHS Eagle contained hand-written titles and captions.

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