Three Little Pigs

Dessins, December 1992

This is arguably my least favorite cartoon in my online archive. There is a simple reason for this: because it's lame! Not only is it not very funny, but I don't like the artwork either. For example, there's a reason why Santa Claus is called "Jolly Old St. Nick" -- he ought to stay cheerful in any situation. Here, I drew him with a countenance of pure evil. Certainly he has a reason to be upset; after all, he's about to be cooked alive in a cauldron. But even in circumstances as bleak as this, we should reasonably expect Santa to look a little bit merry. Or if not merry, at least surprised or confused... something to make the reader sympathize with him. As it is, we subconsciously think, "Grouchy old man, he deserves what he gets!"

Furthermore, isn't Santa Claus supposed to come down a chimney? Notice that I completely forgot to draw the chimney, hearth, and fireplace. No doubt I was facing a deadline, and omitted such niceties for the sake of time. Little consolation that is to you now, you who are stuck viewing this online collection. Enough! Feel free to browse the remaining comics herein. Most of them are much better than this one!
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