'Egor, Get Your Mind Out of the Gutter!'

Dessins, December 1993

I cannot recall what ever prompted me to draw this one, nor what prompted me to publish this Halloween cartoon during the Christmas season. That aside, it is good for a quick laugh. In addition to this cartoon's intrinsic value as a pun, it also reflects my teenage fascination with putting disembodied organs into common household situations. (Dessins 10/92 and Space Filler 2/94.) Thankfully, I've now passed the "organ" phase, but the legacy of old cartoons remains.

From a technical standpoint, this cartoon has one of the better backgrounds I've done -- that is, it actually has one. The sidewalk was even done with a straightedge ruler. However, it is not without its warts -- notice how one of the clouds passes behind the moon!

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