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Sea Strike splash screen

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Game Description

This game was created to demonstrate the kinds of projects students can build in CS 203 at Brigham Young University Hawaii.

You are the captain of a battleship! Behind enemy lines, your mission is to take out as many enemy planes and submarines as you can — before your time runs out!


As a boy, I subscribed to RUN, a magazine for Commodore 64 enthusiasts. Computer magazines of that era often featured type-in programs, which were one of my primary sources of software. One of my favorite type-in games was Battleship War by Keith Meade, published in the August 1984 issue of RUN. It was fun, easy to play, and addictive. In an effort to preserve this game for future generations, I decided to re-write it for Android devices. Unlike my remakes of Nellan is Thirsty and Tubular and Slide, my version of Battleship War (which I've rechristened Sea Strike) uses the same graphics and sound effects of the original game — giving modern gamers an authentic 8-bit gaming experience.


The remake is very faithful to the original, except for the following enhancements::

screenshot of original Battleship War game for C-64 screenshot of Sea Strike for Android
Screenshot of original Battleship War game for the Commodore 64 Screenshot of Sea Strike remake for Android

Reporting bugs or requesting features

Please send all feedback to Geoff Draper, gmd2 (at) byuh (dot) edu.

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